You Began as A Wish: an independent children's book

For kids who got here a different way

Dr Kim Burgman is co-founder of Growing Generations, an egg donation and surrogacy clinic set up in 1996 to help same sex couples have families. The clinic now helps same sex and heterosexual couples have families across the globe. Over the decades Kim noticed she was answering the same kinds of questions from parents everywhere – "How do I explain the surrogacy or egg donation process to my children?" Dr Burgman became frustrated with the absence of good children's books available to families who have conceived through alternative means. In 2015 Kim wrote her own book based on thousands of conversations with new parents.

Dr Burgman approached me to illustrate You Began as a Wish. It is aimed at 3-6 year olds who have been conceived through egg donation or surrogacy. The book is a blend of science and magical realism. All of the illustrations are hand printed. The overarching message in the book is that it doesn't matter how you come into this world, all that matters is that you end up with a family that loves you.

The book has been taken on by the same agents that published 'And Tango Makes Three', an award winning children's book about a same sex couple raising a child.

Expected publication in early 2017.